featured song number six!

The Pi Song (100 Digits of π) by AsapSCIENCE
posted 3/14/2023

i loved this song in middle school, and i actually had a webtoon themed around pi and tau days. i memorized this song too! best song evar!!!!! umm that is all ^-^ enjoy the song and happy pi day!! eat some yummy pie!!
my fave line:

featured song number five!

Loveology by Regina Spektor
posted 2/13/2023

in honor of valentines day tomorrow im posting this song! its the first regina spektor song i ever listened to, i think a supernatural blogger on tumblr reccommended it to me (and all their other followers lol) in a post ^-^ i own a record that has this song on it now! i need to listen 2 more regina spektor tho i only know a few songs ^-^ umm when it first got reccommended to me this song wasnt on spotify but it is now so yippee!! wahoo!! happy valentines day everyone make sure to buy a card so the industry is happy i guess ^-^
my fave line:
"Oh, an incurable humanist you are..."

featured song number four!

Love, Lust and Pixie Dust by Amy Can Flyy
posted 1/22/23

keeping up the pattern of two songs per month with a few months in between! THIS song was a huge part of my childhood. my cousin liked Amy Can Flyy and i thought she was the coolest in the world (she still is!!) so when i came home from visiting her i found this song she had played and i listened to it ALL the time. now i've listened to other Amy Can Flyy songs, but i only listened to this one back then and it will always hold a special place in my heart. by the way btw does anyone know what happened 2 Amy Can Flyy? from what i remember researching in middle school it seemed like they stopped performing after getting arrested but LOL i have no idea if that is true or if i am remembering something i read wrong. ANYWAYS hope u like this song bc i sure do!!
my fave line:
"I am going to do everything I always wanted/I have nothing to prove so you don't have to understand it"

featured song number three!

All We Have Is Now by The Flaming Lips
posted 1/1/23

first featured song in a while! this one was the only song i felt i could post for new years although the message is sadder than i would like haha, avid twansgendew fans will know that i actually referenced this song in my first journal/update log post on the site! i like it a lot a lot it is from the only Flaming Lips album i really know (Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots) and despite the sad message it has always been a kind of comforting song 2 me. like maybe we were never meant to be part of the future bc as soon as we get there it is no longer the future but the present, did u ever think of THAT The Flaming Lips!? anyways its a nice song and everyone should listen to it forEVER!!! ^-^
my fave line:
"He was me from a dimension torn free/Of the future//"We're not gonna make it"/He explained how the end will come/You and me were never meant to be/Part of the future//All we have is now/All we've ever had is now"

featured song number two!

Up the Wolves by The Mountain Goats
posted 10/10/2022

apperently if youve watched The Walking Dead, specifically season four, you might have heard this song! i have not watched The Walking Dead, but i have watched The Mountain Goats live, and i would gladly drop everything to go see them again if the opportunity were to arise. this certainly wont be the last you'll see of tmg on this list, not by far, and i hope you'll enjoy every one of their songs that i plan to share with you!
my fave line:
"I'm gonna get myself in fighting trim/Scope out every angle of unfair advantage/I'm gonna bribe the officials, I'm gonna kill all the judges/It's gonna take you people years to recover from all of the damage!"

featured song number one!

Delicate, Petite, & Other Things I'll Never Be by Against Me!
posted 10/8/2022

Against Me! is one of my all time favorite bands, my first song was either true trans soul rebel OR transgender dysphoria blues and i WAS going to choose ttsr (or haunting, haunted, haunts. i knew it was gonna b an against me! song) to get the honor of 1st featured song, but i decided to choose this one bc.. well, i really really like it! ^-^ and i hope you enjoy it too!!
my fave line:
"I'm still waiting for the visions/Possession has yet to take hold of me/We all want to burn on a pyre/So tell me what kind of witch are you?"